Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping Time

Well it's that time of the year again.  You know what I'm talking the turkey and try to get a little sleep before going out to be one of those crazed maniacs out there on Black Friday.   Yes I admit I am one of those people.  You'd think there would be a 10 step program for those of us but when you have 3 kids you almost have to do it just to save money.  So now it is the time to do your homework.

Homework?  Yes I said homework.  I've been on the websites for the last week watching those Black Friday websites like a vulture flying overhead to see when a store I have been waiting for puts theirs out.  Tonight I find myself with 5 tabs on my browser open all trying to compare prices and deals.  I keep bouncing back and forth between tabs.  If Academy Sports & Outdoor would just get their ad out I'd be set.  

Now we have my next problem.  My kids are all growing up.  Long past the time for Barbie's, Bratz's dolls (I hated those...they looked like hookers), Hot Wheels & Nerf Guns.  Now they are pre-teens & teens we move into the hard to buy for category.  I mean it might not be that hard if you have lots of money but when you are a family living on public servants pay that crap gets expensive!  Now they want digital cameras & I-pod's and what ever else that cost more money than I care to imagine.  I remember when it used to be so easy and you could pick out the toys wrap them up and they had all kinds of presents under the tree.  They were cheaper for one and second they were bigger in size so it looks like a whole lot under the tree.  Now jump ahead to the teen years and its smaller stuff under the tree and not much of it because the prices are so high.  The sad part is that it only gets worse.  

I can't wait till they are old enough when I can just write them a check or give them a gift card with money on it and let them do as they wish like my family does.  But if I do that now they will just blow it all on little crap they won't appreciate.

So like I said here I sit looking at Black Friday ads and trying to figure out what to get the kids this year.  After all of that comes putting up the long process, wrapping the gifts....another day long process and hopefully rest....yeah right!

Just remember only 32 more shopping days left.  But who's counting?!?!

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